We need to encourage people to be teachers and to keep people teaching who are currently in the teaching profession.


Listen to our Edvantage and some solutions!

Listen, think, share about whether teachers should be on social media and whether they should create a brand for themselves. The three of us have differing opinions, and they are fascinating!

Whether you are a first year teacher or been in the building for a century, teacher drama has existed during your teaching tenure!

Hear what we have to say!

Season 2 of the Edvantage Podcast kicks off with amazing insight from Dave Bentz, teacher of 37 years, Clay Reisler, teacher of 26 years, and Taylor Baumeister, teacher of 3 years.  Along with insight, a step by step plan is provided for engaging the disengaged. Join us for Episode 16.


As members of the Edvantage Podcast team, we are focusing on personal time during the summer.  Because of this we wanted to do something a little different.  

We are each taking a summer "solo" episode.  Taylor agreed to go first with her "I'm Still Learning" topic.


Taylor provided two resources that help her to still keep learning.




Taylor does a great job in being the first one to go solo!

Mental Health Days are handled differently among school districts and among teachers throughout the world.  We'll discuss what we think are the purpose and reasons for mental health days.


Also, Taylor does an incredible thing for her students within a 36 hour window!

Most of the educators who listen to this show are wrapping up the school year.

We provide insight into why people in the teaching profession need a break and some great tips on how to finish! 

We are joined by Andrew Vought who recently completed his student teaching experience in both a public and a parochial school setting.  

This was a great lead in to the topic of teacher training! 

With statewide educator protests taking place in Oklahoma, Kentucky, Arizona, and Colorado, we tackle the discussion of teacher pay, benefits, and retirement. We recognize that we have all been blessed with teaching situations where our work is rewarded fairly, and this is not the case for all teachers. One of the big issues teachers face is the prospect of saving for retirement while working on a teacher's salary. We suggest starting small, and being consistent. There are so many different experiences with teacher pay. Share your perspective and join the conversation. 


Dave Ramsey

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