The Hosts

Taylor Baumeister

Taylor has been teaching for two years in two different school districts. Her current position is as a 9-12 English Language Arts teacher. As a new teacher, she is focused on creating and implementing relevant and engaging, student-focused curriculum. As a teacher in a newly 1:1 school, she is regularly incorporating technology and always looking for ways to enhance her students’ learning experiences. The challenges of being new to the profession are surpassed by the excitement of facilitating learning for all students.

Clay Reisler

Clay been focused on instructional design and digital workflow in my classroom since 2008. With the opportunity to have a mobile digital device in the hands of every student since 2009, He has integrated a variety of educational atmospheres that engage and empower students to guide their own learning. With over 1,500 published videos and 1,200 blog posts of students and teachers integrating technology tools in an educational setting, He provides an inside view of technology being implemented at the right time for the right reason.

In his current position as an Digital Learning Specialist for grades 9-12 he is allowed to integrate multiple technology tools, mainly iPads, and strategies with classroom teachers across all subject areas so that students can critically think, create, communicate, and collaborate. Everything he promote and integrate has a purpose. Students need to be exposed to and master the common core state standards while integrating the ITL state standards. It is crucial that students develop skills that can allow them to thrive as a member of our society. All of his work is documented online and can be viewed in many areas.

David Bentz

Dave has been teaching mathematics for the past 36 years. He is currently teaching Algebra 2, Calculus 1, Calculus 2 and an articulated math course for welders. In the past he was a teacher trainer and ad-hoc instructor for a variety of courses in math education and technology implementation. He served one year as the district technology coordinator and decided that teaching students was where his heart thrived. He is currently working to engage students in mathematics and helping them see the big picture. He is looking at retirement sometime down the road but right now the classroom is just too fun to leave.